Nature and the material of Aso are valued, and the entertainment of all with a handmade dish ・・・
We will have received it from the individual to the group.


The Aso Shinto shrine is a horizontal approach to a shrine that seems not to be got into trouble on a nationwide scale, and the grand gate in two layers has been built toward this approach to a shrine.
There is "Restaurant Hisashi (shoe)" in the next soon about the Aso Shinto shrine with the history.
Our shop : a healthy dish using the wheat gluten and the vine.
It is doing business by mellowmonk ([meroumonku]) and two composition at still ..(shoe).. night in the center daytime.
It would be greatly appreciated if "Wonderful travel" could be enjoyed by sake and music in mellowmonk. Return of visit to a shrine of Aso Shinto shrine
Please use it for the rest of sightseeing etc.
I will entertain it like being able to connect the customer with staff's mind and the mind.
I wait sincerely for all coming to a store of everybody.